Mad Jocks & Englishmen

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Mad Jocks & Englishmen (Zel-la records whips 5005B) 1975 

Spanish lady; Illegal Smile; Together Forever; Foggy Mountain Breakdown; The Broom; The Klan; Cam ye O’er Frae France; Paradise; Gift of a Brand New Day; Killiecrankie; Flint Hill Special; The Shearing; Grandfather’s Clock; I’ve just Seen a Face


One Too Many Mornings (Real Records RR2013) 1976

Bonny Lass of Fife; Nailmakers’ Strike; One Too Many Mornings; Dear Old Dixie; Lammas Tide; Johnny Cope; Soldier Jenny; Glencoe; Good King Arthur; Duelling Banjos; Cindy’s Crying; MacPherson’s Lament

Tongue in Cheek (Wild Dog Records Doglp10B) 1980

Ye Jacobites by Name; Jock O’ Hazeldean; Old Joe Clark; Peggy Gordon; Hill of Fare; All Time Woman; (side 2 live in concert) Greenland Whale Fisheries; Zimbabwe report; A-Roving; The Nightingale; Bingo; Whisky in the Jar

Old Folk (Wild Dog Records Doglp23)

Compilation of first two albums

Thud and Blunder (Wild Dog Records Doglp50) 1985

The Dutchman; Daydream Believer; Hills of Ardmorn; Banjo Signal; Josie; Ellen Vannin; Fox on the Run: Vindaloo Shuffle; Statistics; dedicated Follower of Flashing; It’s in the Sunday Papers; Over the Moon

Out of the Mid-Day Sun (MJE06) 1990

Warmed Over Kisses; Song For Ireland; Going Up; I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; Stay Young; Rambling Rover; First You Lose the Rhyming; Sailors All; I’ve Just Seen a Face; Goodnight Loving Trail; Duelling Banjos

Hard Times (MJE007) 1999

Hard Times; Asking Us to Dance; Silver Bells; Caledonia; City of New Orleans; Dublin in the Rare Old Times; Making Whoopee; Flower in the Snow; You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere; Ae Fond Kiss; Blackberry Blossom; Some of Shelly’s Blues; Step it Out Mary

Warmed Over Kisses; First You Lose the Rhyming; Vindaloo Shuffle; The Dutchman; Duelling Banjos; Goodnight Loving Trail; Stay Young; Song For Ireland; Rambling Rover; Sailors All; Going Up; Hills of Ardmorn; I’ve Just Seen a Face; Statistics; I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; Ellen Vannin; Banjo Signal; Josie; dedicated Follower of Flashing

The Cassette Years (MJE008) 2001

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Making Arrangements (MJE009) 2009  (with Laura Mattison)

Sailor's Hornpipe/Soldier's Joy; Caledonia; Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness; I'll Fly Away; Hector Fiddle Medley;  Dimming Of The Day; Daydream Believer; Walls; Whiskey In The Jar; The Last Thing On My Mind; Tennessee Cut-up Breakdown; One For The Road;             bonus tracks  - Warmed Over Kisses; The Dutchman; City Of New Orleans; Ae Fond Kiss; Duelling Banjos; Vindaloo Shuffle

Retrospective  (Digital Album only)  2020                AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD OR STREAMING

Caledonia; Sailor's Hornpipe; The Dutchman; Ae Fond Kiss; Spanish Lady; Speed of The Sound of Loneliness; Going Up; Ye Jacobites By Name; Warmed Over Kisses; Killiecrankie; Johnny Cope; Flint Hill Special; Whiskey In The Jar; Soldier Jenny; The Greenland Whale Fisheries; One For The Road.